Why having an agent is important

You’re considering hiring an agency, or hiring a better agent. While most performers understand the value of agencies to their careers, there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the distinction between agents and managers. Why am I giving them a portion of my earnings? Who is employed by whom? Do I have to pay an agency fee? Many uncertainties and many questions. We wish to dispel this uncertainty, support performers in advancing their careers, and keep them out of trouble! Today, we’ll examine the benefits of actors having an agency.

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For some actors, getting an agency or simply knowing where to begin seems unachievable. This is how I recall feeling. A lesser percentage of you are thinking about becoming a freelance actor but are unsure if signing with an agent is the right move for you. You desire total command over your professional life. While this is commendable and may work, performers might benefit greatly from having an agency for the following reasons:

Justifications for using an agency:

1. Cooperation

You have an additional person (or group of persons) on your squad when you have an agent or manager. And it’s great to have a team. It implies that you may cooperate to accomplish a single objective. Recall that they are also accomplished actors if you are. This cooperation is fantastic.

2. Associations

Even if you’re a natural at small talk, it would take you years to build the kind of connections that even a mid-level agent does. Every day, they communicate with producers, directors, and casting directors. Making connections is essential to acting. An effective agent may leverage their professional connections to secure you interviews and employment.

3. Establishment

It may be quite draining to act. The impacts that an acting profession may have on people have been the subject of several recent studies. Therefore, there will be times when it’s difficult for you to get out of bed, even if you’re highly proactive and organized. It’s difficult to get in touch with theater groups, casting directors, and producers when you’re feeling down and uninspired. Because it’s their profession, agents are able to maintain objectivity. They are able to be organized and on top of things since they are working from 9 to 5 to get their actors work. Since acting involves a lot of emotional upheaval, it’s very difficult to stay proactive and organized without an agent’s assistance.

4. Transactions and Funding

Most agents know a lot about performance contracts, or at least have a lawyer on staff. Have you ever attempted to bargain for yourself as the product in a negotiation? Negotiation is necessary when dealing with producers and others who assign you work—people you want to like you. It’s challenging and weird. This is only one of the main reasons performers should have an agent. Agents constantly strive to get the greatest price for you. They get more if you get more.

5. A Viewpoint

Being an actor might cause one to have very limited perspectives on the business. Having an agent that is more impartial in their career evaluation allows them to provide insights and guidance that you may not be able to notice. Over the course of a year, a competent agent will meet with you for at least a few strategy sessions. Together, you can think things out and decide where to proceed from there.

6. Concluding remarks

An agent is a great asset. I find it quite remarkable to have someone working with you to pursue your goals. While it is true that they are in it for financial gain, the majority of agents really like what they do and want you to succeed. In case it’s unclear, this is my stance on agents:

It is generally advisable to seek the representation of a respectable agency. But when the alternative is an agent who isn’t working for you, being a freelance actor may be more advantageous and even empowering. Never sign with an agency because you feel obligated to do so or out of desperation. Many performers work as freelancers with success.