What is meant by a Mala?

The Background of Malas

Malas have long been employed in all faiths as aids in connecting with primal universal energy and as transcendental catalysts. They frequently have 108 beads and provide us with a lot of assistance. Shivoham Malas are crafted with specific qualities in mind, combining harmony and healing to help you boost the spiritual vibrations of awakening around you and embody your creative potential. Spiritual necklaces, or malas, are believed to protect against negativity and enhance spiritual life.

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For many of us, the importance, potency, and traditional applications of mala beads are just things we take for granted, and we acknowledge that they are capable of many more amazing things. We only learn that these beads are genuinely exceptional and one-of-a-kind to the wearer after wearing them. Others who haven’t spent as much time in India may view meditation and the gurus who practice and teach it as something strange and tinged with more myth than reality.

Like most things spiritual and metaphysical, wishing to wear a mala requires a certain level of believe and faith before we can even allow ourselves to consider the possibility. We might not even begin to sense the power of one for a while after we buy one, as it does require a certain amount of concentration, sensation, and awareness to truly feel what they accomplish.

What is Rudraksha so significant?

All of our malas are made with the ancient and mystical RUDRAKSHA seed, which is used by yogis and sages to surround the body in a protective cocoon of positive energy. This seed also serves as a potent spiritual conductor, effectively storing the benefits of each meditation session. It regulates the body’s biorhythms and harmonizes the surroundings. The 108 beads plus the Guru bead that make up the mala represent your inner reality and are intended to awaken your capacity for realization.

The Rudraksa seeds themselves are considered by Yogis, Saints, and wise men in India, Nepal, and Indonesia to be extremely spiritual beads. These enormous nations have seen innumerable sages throughout history, and these beads are frequently left behind in the care of those to whom they transmit their spiritual heritage after their departure. They are frequently placed on the altar, in temples, museums, or another important location if no one replaces them. It is said that these beads have the ability to re-connect our consciousness to its original source. When we utilize them respectfully for prayer and meditation, we may effortlessly achieve the condition of “Shiva Consciousness,” which is also known as release from the “drama” of the outside world and its related issues. To put it simply, Rudraksha can help us feel freedom on a regular basis.

Shivoham Malas are utilized to help establish a link with primal universal energy and as transcendental catalysts. They help us get past our concerns and self-doubt so we may become the people we were intended to be. Shivjyoti received permission from her Master to produce these pieces with the blessing that everyone would gain from carrying a mala with them wherever life may lead them.

Since Shiva (Universal Light, Truth, and Beauty) is said to have produced the Rudraksha itself via the flow of his tears shed out of love for humanity, they are said to bring us back to That, which is Pure Awareness. Being Aware.

How to Use Mala Beads for Meditation

108 beads make up a mala, which is held in the right hand during meditation. With the eyes closed, a mantra is mentally repeated while the beads are twisted, one after the other, and held for as long as it takes to complete the repetition. Here’s how to utilize the mala. It is stated that doing this takes one far inside, past the “noise” and “distraction” of the senses.

The Mala necklace becomes more potent and therapeutic during prayer when the beads are frequently held between the hands to encourage the flow of energy into them. A spiritual teacher would frequently offer a pupil a mala, which may be utilized to bless people just by touching them. In India, it is customary for a teacher to empower a mala and sling it over the neck of their initiation student; the mala then serves as the student’s daily meditation tool.

The Mala Beads of a holy person are frequently buried with them or preserved as an inheritance at a hallowed site of worship. It has been observed that mala beads kept in the care of the elders within a family might last for centuries. Rudraksha seeds are said to be potent; they are said to ward off bad energy of all kinds, shield the family, and foster peace inside the house.

A mala was traditionally constructed of pure clear quartz, sandalwood, or tulsi; most of the time, it was rather basic. These days, we have access to a wide range of exquisite combinations that help and support the strains of contemporary living. The most beneficial stones for a yoga practitioner are clear quartz and rudraksha, which are said to promote and strengthen spiritual growth. Coral and pearl are likewise valued highly.

If you’re new to meditation and don’t know which mala to start with, we suggest starting with a Meditation Mala. If you need assistance choosing a mala for a particular reason, get in touch with us, or you may order a specially made one.