Strange Cosmetics Available in Our World

Toothpaste with Bacon

Both food and toothpaste are necessities for everyone on the planet. However, who came up with the idea to mix food and toothpaste? bacon on top of that?

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The person who came up with this concept most likely had an unhealthy obsession with bacon, as evidenced by the fact that he woke up first thing in the morning and had it on his toothbrush.

Although the idea of toothpaste made of bacon sounds absurd, we’re interested to know what it actually tastes like. Shall we give it a go ourselves?

Infant Foot Pack

With the introduction of sheet masks, the skincare market has experienced an incredible rise throughout time. The market nowadays is filled with a wide variety of sheet masks. Every fruit variety sheet mask is accessible, ranging from kiwi to pomegranate, depending on your skin type and intended use.

With the easy-going, “get-set-go” mentality that permeates modern society, sheet masks have become a simpler procedure.

We’ve been exposed to the idea of baby foot sheet masks, as ridiculous as it seems. As if the market was oversupplied with sheet masks. We now have access to a sheet mask that will make your feet feel as soft as a newborn.

Apply Stick On Eyeshadow

For many of us, especially those who have chosen to make beauty their career, makeup is an art. Makeup undoubtedly gives us a new identity, but for some of us, it serves as a means of escape from our true selves.

That being stated, allow me to present stick-on eyeshadow, the second bizarre beauty product now available. This is presumably for people who desire a sticker and quick, flawless makeup on their eyelids.

The sticker doesn’t appear to fit well on an eyelid when we pronounce it aloud. We certainly appear to believe so!

Throne of Beauty Blender

Each of us uses a cosmetic blender to mix our concealers and foundations together. Was a throne necessary for it? Yes, we did. We are in awe after finding beauty blender thrones all over the internet.

Although it is not a necessity, this tool might be seen as an extra luxury for your at-home or workplace beauty blender business. The majority of it’s simply for appearance, and we at HerZindagi will absolutely be getting them straight away!

Mask Made of Placenta Hair

Alright, this one is crazy.

People have been coming up with different applications for the placenta because birthing is a topic that is discussed frequently and candidly.

During pregnancy, an organ called the placenta forms within your uterus. This structure purges waste materials from your baby’s blood while giving them oxygen and nourishment. Your uterus’s wall is where the placenta attaches itself, and it is where your baby’s umbilical cord emerges.

The idea that a placenta contains a wealth of nutrients that are vital to human health and are wasted because most of us discard it after giving birth is untrue. Some of us have developed beauty regimens centered around our own placentas.

We’ve heard of recipes and bizarre facials. We are now also aware of hair masks!

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