How Is Jewelry Made with Tungsten?

The method of creating tungsten jewelry is termed powder metallurgy and sintering.

To start, combine tungsten powder with a binding agent (such as cobalt or nickel). After that, the mixture is tightly formed into the required shape and heated to 2,200°F (1,200°C) in a furnace.

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After then, the mixture is subjected to an electric current. A solid chunk of tungsten is formed when the powders fuse together due to an increase in heat and current.

Afterwards, using instruments with diamond tips, the completed tungsten piece is shaped and polished.

When precious metals such as silver, gold, palladium, platinum, or other metals are inlaid into rings or wedding bands, the diamond tool creates a groove for the inlay and then polishes it again.

But hold on, isn’t cobalt hazardous? Does this imply that metal tungsten is toxic?


Is tungsten hazardous? If true, to what extent is tungsten toxic?

How it is created determines this.

Many commercial and industrial uses for cobalt exist, one of which is as a binder for certain tungsten jewelry. This is a result of the alloy’s lower cost. However, this does not always imply that cobalt-containing tungsten rings will make you ill.

However, these tungsten rings will color your finger brown and green with prolonged use. They may also result in various skin irritations and allergic responses.

Thankfully, cobalt is absent from a large number of tungsten jewelry available on the market. Just don’t forget to conduct research!

What type of tungsten items will you find when you go shopping?