Distinctive qualities of cannabis, marijuana, and hemp seeds

Weed Seeds versus Marijuana vs. Cannabis

The most common way to propagate the cannabis plant is through the use of marijuana seeds, sometimes spelled as “marijuana seeds,” though many private growers also share cuttings of their most popular strains. Nonetheless, a lot of growers assert that starting from seed yields the best results.

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When pollen from male plants fertilizes female plants, the female plant begins to produce seeds, which is how marihuana seeds are made. After that, marijuana seeds can be sown and will develop into fully grown cannabis plants, restarting the reproductive cycle. The seeds have a limited shelf life of a few years. However, marijuana seeds can be kept for many years in cool, dry environments (like a refrigerator), though their germination rates will gradually decline.

The cannabis industry raised the bar for professionalism and quality in cannabis breeding and seed supply in the 1980s. Among the best companies to start professional cannabis breeding programs with trained geneticists and biologists was 406seeds.

These specialized breeding programs used only the best cannabis genetics available worldwide. As a result, cannabis seed companies like 406seeds were able to produce strains of marijuana with unprecedented consistency and quality.

Typically, marihuana seeds yield about the same amount of male and female progeny. But when 406seeds started offering feminized marijuana seeds in the 1990s, they managed to take the cannabis community by surprise. 95%+ female plants were produced from these new feminized seeds, fulfilling a long-held dream of cannabis growers even though it was generally accepted that such a feat was not technically feasible. Feminized marijuana seeds are more widely used now than conventional seeds because they let growers cultivate only the desired number of female plants.

High-quality marijuana seeds became widely available, which led to a boom in small-scale cultivation. The war over cannabis supply had ended between powerful foreign export gangs and government border patrol officers. Since cannabis was domesticated, a lot of small growers could cultivate their own personal supply by just buying the seeds of their favorite strains, which they could then grow indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses.

Growing cannabis on your own is now simple, quick, and incredibly fulfilling. For optimal results, a minimal level of knowledge was required. Cannabis is not referred to as “weed” for nothing—it is not hard to grow and has adapted to a wide range of growing environments. It can grow in almost any place.


Cannabis (or marijuana) seeds are also known on the streets as “weed seeds.” They are the way that nature allows the cannabis plant to regenerate and spread throughout its surroundings.

In some places, such as a significant portion of Europe, weed seeds can be purchased and sold lawfully, but they are still prohibited in other places. Many professional cannabis breeders have devoted the last two to three decades to producing the strongest and highest-yielding strains of cannabis possible. Growers and head shops worldwide can then receive the seeds from these prize strains.

The remarkable increase in the genetic diversity of cannabis is one outcome of the trade in marijuana seeds. Sought-after Cannabis indica genetics from easily accessible Himalayan valleys are now making their way into greenhouses and backyard gardens worldwide.

Superior genetics of Cannabis sativa from the deepest jungles of Thailand have found their way to growrooms and greenhouses in Scandinavia and Canada. These strains have occasionally been meticulously and painstakingly crossbred with other varieties to produce priceless new strains of cannabis, and occasionally they still exhibit their purebred traits.

Being among the first businesses to sell cannabis seeds, 406seeds has contributed significantly to the diversification and preservation of the cannabis industry.

Although the appearance of different varieties of weed seeds may differ slightly, they all serve the same purpose. When the seeds germinate in moist conditions, they will swell, and a seedling with roots and a first set of leaves will appear within a few days. It is possible to germinate and grow weed seeds in soil or a variety of contemporary substitutes like coco fiber, clay pellets, glass wool, etc. These days, growing excellent cannabis is not at all difficult. Respectable yields require a good growing medium with adequate nutrients and water, as well as good light levels. Finding a seed provider with the expertise and experience to provide you with the best weed seeds nature has to offer, however, should be the first task for any prospective grower. The best seeds to obtain are those that come from reputable sources and start with high-quality genetics, advises 406seeds.

There is a wider selection of varieties than ever before, but it can occasionally seem overwhelming due to the efforts of skilled breeders. Though 406seeds advises looking at their seed collection if you’re searching for excellent quality at a reasonable price, the cheapest weed seed suppliers are rarely the best.