Can anyone explain what Jeep Ducking is?

Yes, you read correctly! Jeep Ducking has been quite popular worldwide in the last several years! This humorous and carefree worldwide craze, which originated in North America, has been adopted by Jeep owners and fans. Not familiar with Jeep Ducking? Do not fret! We at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat in Springdale, Arkansas, are here to provide you with background information about the Duck, Duck, Jeep movement.

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Jeep Ducking: What Is It?

It’s easy! Rubber ducks are carried in the automobiles of Jeep drivers across a variety of Jeep models, and while their owners are gone, these ducks are placed on other Jeeps. Usually placed on the handles or hoods of the cars, these ducks come with comments inviting the “target” to upload a photo of their new toy on social media with hashtags like #duckduckjeep or #duckingjeeps, complimenting their vehicles with remarks like “Nice Jeep.” Many of these rubber ducks are accumulated by certain Jeep owners, who display them on their dash area and refer to it as their “duck pond.” Either passing the rubber duck to another Jeep or encouraging other Jeep owners to buy more ducks for the movement are the two main objectives!

How It Began

During the height of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, Allison Parliament made the decision to drive her cherished 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara from Clanton, Alabama, to Ontario, Canada, in order to see friends and family. She was lucky to have a buddy who was encouraging to keep going after she had a terrifying experience with someone at a petrol station while traveling. Parliament bought a bag of ducks to jokingly scatter a few around her friend’s house before moving on with her trip. But as she was leaving the store, she saw another Jeep in the lot. She drew “Nice Jeep” on a duck and stuck it on the car out of sheer impulse. The owner saw her doing it. Fortunately, the owner saw the act as kind and encouraged her to share it on social media, which launched the campaign.

The State of Affairs

She was surprised to see how quickly Jeep Ducking gained traction, even though Parliament had assumed it would only be a passing joke. It gained popularity immediately among Jeep owners in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and in less than a year, it was trending in over 30 nations. More than 230,968 Instagram photos have the hashtag #duckduckjeep, while the word jeepducking has received over 137.7 million views on TikTok. At the time this blog post was created, the numbers mentioned were correct. The official Jeep Ducking page is the Duck Duck Jeep private Facebook group, which is controlled by Parliament. As of the time this article was published, it had about 68,000 members. As more Jeep owners share images and videos of their ducks with the world on a regular basis, the trend is growing!

What are Jeep owners’ plans for their ducks?

In a nutshell, everything depends on what they desire. Rubber ducks are a random act of goodwill that are placed on Jeeps; recipients are not expected to do anything in return. It is advised that in order to follow suit and join the trend, you snap a picture of the duck and share it on social media with the hashtag #duckduckjeep, so other duckers can see it. Certain duckers add the ducks to their collection on their dashboard, while others regift them to other Jeep owners.

Buying a few ducks, keeping them in your car, and placing them on any Jeeps you see is all it takes to become a Jeep ducker. If you’d want to go one step further, you might include the #duckduckjeep hashtag in a kind message that you leave with your Jeep duck, allowing the recipient to catch up if they’re not familiar with the trend.

How should a Jeep be dodged?

According to Parliament, Jeep ducks are usually placed on the driver’s side of the vehicle, either next to the wipers or on the door handle, so you can be certain the driver will notice it before they go off.

Many Jeep owners carry an extra set of ducks in their car so they may pull over and leave one if they see another Jeep owner. You can choose to share the classic yellow variety, or, like some of the Facebook group members, you can look for unique or seasonally themed ducks to share all year long.