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#5 Best Laptops Under Rs 10000 in India | Latest Mini Touchcreen with 4GB RAM

Last updated: 29 Jan 2020

Do you have a low budget for a laptop? Well, I have the list of best mini laptops under 10000, which you can use on a day to day basis.

These Laptops are lightweight, touchscreen, windows 10, and some of the laptops having 4GB RAM as well. You can easily buy these laptops from some of the top ecommerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon in India.

There are many brands out there and you can choose your laptop according to your brand preference as well, like Acer, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Asus, etc. These laptops are not made for high-end gaming but you can use them for small tasks such as managing excel sheets, typing, browsing the internet, etc.

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Must Read: 

Top #5 Laptops Under Rs 10000 in India

There is a comparison table which will help you decide which laptop is best at this time so that you can select your type of laptop that fits your requirements. 

After that we will be telling you laptop buying guide from there you can learn in what areas you should look at the time of buying laptop with your needs. So Let’s Get Started 🔥

Image and Rating

Name and Features



Overall performance of this laptop is good and it is under 10000 segment so you don’t have to worry about its budget. 


This Asus Laptop comes with 2GB RAM and celeron processor to do your work on daily basis. 


If you want linux or 500GB HDD space then this laptop is made for you in this segment. 


This laptop has 4GB RAM however, prices sometimes go up when there is high demand. 


Here you will get 3GB RAM, 500GB HDD and windows 10 so all of you problem will get solved here. 


  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Display Size: 11.6 Inches
  • Processor: Intel Atom Quad Core Processor
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Internal Storage: 32GB EMMC

Extra features: Lightweight Laptop under 10000 segment. 



  • Excellent value for money
  • Sturdy body
  • Good battery life


  • Small size
  • Low Storage


  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Display Size: 11.6 Inches
  • Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Internal Storage: 32GB EMMC

Extra features: Battery Life Upto 10 hrs



  • Looks awesome, comfortable to hold
  • Ample RAM
  • Good quality display
  • Good Battery Life


  • Small Size
  • Low Storage


  • RAM: 2GB
  • Display Size: 15.6 Inches
  • Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core
  • OS: Linux
  • Internal Storage: 500GB

Extra features: Good Design and enough storage at this price range. 



  • Smooth, lag-free performance
  • Appealing design
  • Great battery life


  • Underwhelming low-light camera performance
  • Low Battery life
  • Buying Guide

Laptops have became basic needs, if you don’t own a laptop in this century then you are loosing lots of opportunity on the table so start learning laptops and then use them for good purpose. Here you will know what areas are important to look for. 

Top #5 Laptops Under Rs 10000 in 2020

Getting a Good Laptop is an Art nowadays. 

  • RAM – One of the important factor is RAM while choosing a Laptop. If RAM is 1GB then it is obvious that it will not be better than 2GB RAM. So higher the RAM better the performance. However, there are many factors also for a better performing laptop. 
  • Processor – You can choose either AMD or Intel, both are good in their own ways, however if you think i5 is better than i3 then I must tell you that if i3 has 8th Gen and i5 has 4th Gen then i3 will perform better. 
  • Battery Life – everyone should take better battery backup laptop because most of the windows laptops are not that great in terms of battery. They usually tend to last max 2 hours in this price segment so if you are getting good amount of backup then you should buy this. 
  • Storage – Always remember your priorities while buying laptop, in this range under 10000 you will mostly get 32GB EMMC but there is one laptop that is giving 500GB HDD. Moreover, you can also buy external hard disk for 1TB. 
  • Display – If you are going to spend time on your laptop and its display sucks and doesn’t make you feel good then its not worth buying that Laptop. 

Features to consider when Buying a Laptop

When it comes to Laptop then there are dozens of factors to consider while buying a good laptop. However, you should also know your needs and then check specification according to your need. 

Suppose if you are video editor then you should look for high end laptop, if you are gamer then you should look for high end graphics card, just like this understand your priority and then act accordingly it will save you lots of money as well you will know why are you buying a laptop. 

Display Size

Every person has different needs and wants just like this my preference is having small size lightweight laptop 😄, because I can carry it where ever I go, I don’t like bulky heavy laptops. 

While some of you guys love those type of laptops, here I am not judging but tell you that my need is fulfilling by having lightweight laptops, and your will be completed by having your kind of laptop. 

So Choose Wisely: 


Performance & Battery Life

As you know if laptop doesn’t respond well then we will like we are living in early ages, that should be taken care of. 

You should know a certain laptop’s processor so that you can judge if it can run your type of work or not. 

Lastly, battery life is very important suppose if battery can’t even have backup of 30 minutes then what will you do? Yeah, at that time you should check how many cell a battery has? and check how much backup it gives? 


  • Should you buy second hand Laptop?

Hell No:

As you know laptop is machine and over the period of time it gets degrade, so even if you don’t have budget never go for second hand. Moreover, you will never know if it is 3rd hand or 4th hand.  

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